Ibiza -Women’s Retreat May 20-27 2018

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Ibiza Women's Retreat 20-27 may 2018 Prana Yoga Zuerich Lene


In this retreat you will learn to accept and love your body. You will awaken your body & have new tantric body experiences. You will learn to stop the thought stream & listen to the wisdom of your body.

- yoga
- meditation
- dance
- relax
- detox
- women’s circles
- rituals
- and more

How is the relationship with your body? Do you allow yourself to feel good in your body? Do you allow yourself to feel your beauty? Awaken your body. Feel good in your body. Shine in your body. Nourish your body with healthy food and love. Love your body!

- “I love my body “-

Ibiza Prana Yoga Zuerich Paya Patricia Wittwer Meditation 2

The techniques we use are:

  • Meditation & Yoga
  • Woman circles & Exercises
  • Dance, bio-energetica & theatre of the oppressed
  • Taoist Tantra Practices
  • Connection with the nature & the elements around and within you
  • Embodying different female archetypes, to re-integrate forgotten aspects of yourself

Ibiza Prana Yoga Zuerich Paya Patricia Wittwer Pool Yoga Meditation

*WOMEN’S CIRCLES – into the womb

A long time ago woman lived synchronized with the moon. When it was new moon and menstruation time, the woman stopped their daily activities and withdrew in the ‘red tent’ to release what they didn’t need anymore, to reflect, to share rituals & wisdom. A lot of the wisdom about the cycles of sun, moon & seasons was felt and gathered by woman.

This Woman Retreat is like a red tent. A time to connect with your Sisters and heal. A time to pause, to relax, to release, to share warmth & wisdom. We inspire each other, we share, we dance, we laugh, we relax, we nurture our true essence, reclaim our Shakti/female power, we shine, we are as we are – beautiful! You will come out of this retreat as a newborn, shining bright with renewed energy & a positive body image, ready to live your full potential!

Women's circle Ibiza


Paya: “As I have learned at the source with master Mantak Chia (Taoist Master), it is one of the most important things as a woman to train her pelvic floor muscles, to have more sensations & less menstrual issues. The practices with a yoni egg (with clothes on) will increase your sexuality & sexual experiences and the health of your vagina, uterus & ovaries. I will teach you how to increase & move sexual energy through your whole body, so it can bring you more energy, happiness and joy!”

Jade egg yoni egg workshop Zürich Yoni Ei Patricia Wittwer Paya


See the beauty of simplicity. Feel how much beauty nature has to offer. Nature is imperfectly perfect – aren’t we the same? We will connect with the water and waves of the sea, as we connect with our bodies. We will connect with the regenerative power of the moon, as we connect with our wombs.

* ELEMENTAL AWAKENING – What can each element teach you about yourself?

Every day of the retreat we will connect with one element and her related chakra and body parts.

The AIR will open your lungs and heart

The EARTH will nourish you with a healthy body image

The FIRE will help you to set boundaries & to express your voice

The WATER will help you to flow in your sensual body

The ETHER will remind you that you are a Goddess

 Ibiza Prana Yoga Zuerich Paya Patricia Wittwer Cave Meditation


In your daily life, you embody as a woman different archetypes: one second you are a ‘mother’ caring for others, the other second a seductress. But how often do you connect with archetypes like the priestess or the wild woman? During the retreat we will embody different female archetypes to recall and reclaim forgotten aspects of ourselves.



07:00 – 09:00     Meditation/ Yoga / Dance
09:00 – 10:00     Breakfast
10:00 – 12:30     Women’s circle & exercises (rituals, taoist tantra practices, bio-energetica,…)
13:00 – 14:00     Lunch
14:00 – 17:00     Free time to explore Ibiza’s beaches, caves, hippy markets,…
17:30 – 18:30     Yin yoga
19:00 – 20:00     Dinner
20:30 – 21:30     Evening Ritual

Ibiza Women's Retreat 20-27 may 2018 Prana Yoga Zuerich Lene Patricia


PAYA PATRICIA WITTWER is a passionate Dipl. Yogateacher (BYV 500h) and Shamanic Tantric Priestess who loves to bring women into their body, sensuality to help them finding strength & willpower. Her yogastyle is a mix of dynamic vinyasa and soft yin yoga, with awareness of the breath. Paya facilitates rituals that bring women more understanding about how the women’s precious body works and how to express its desires and boundaries. Paya’s teachings are influenced by the shamanic school of ISTA (International School of temple arts), tantra, vipassana, Tao Tantra (Paya received classes from master Mantak Chia – yoni egg practice & the water wheel) and various yoga teachers. Paya holds Yogaretreats since 2012 and loves to keep learning about this magical life.  


Patricia Wittwer Paya Goddess Shamanic Yoga Meditation

LENE VAN STEENWINKEL is a 5Elements Dance Activation™ Facilitator, social worker and dance therapist that helps women to find love for their body by connecting with their body, the elements and the cycles of nature. In the rituals she facilitate, women wake up the memory of the ancient dancing priestesses and re-experience the regenerative power that is inherent to womanhood. Lene’s transformative workshops include her personal experiences of dance and passage rituals of several native cultures. Her therapeutic dance journeys are a unique mix of techniques of the east (Tantra, Vipassana, Butoh, Sufi Dance) and the west (Authentic Movement, Archetypal Psychology, Bio-Energetica, Contemporary Dance, Contact Dance, Dance Expression) with shamanism. Lene believes that dance has not only the power to transform individuals, but to transform a community or society as a whole.


Lene van Steenwinkel Dance dancing Ibiza Women Womens' circle May Yoga


Finca Can Lotus Ibiza – www.canlotusibiza.com

A magical farm, made with natural material, on a big private ground. No neighbours, lots of nature, a breathtaking view, secret beaches (20min walk/5min car), secret walks & a very special cave! The finca is located on a quiet corner of Ibiza, far away from the party zone, a 40 min drive away from the airport.

Ibiza Yoga Retreat Shamanic Women's Circle fun Meditation Vegan Healthy Food  Can Lotus Ibiza

Yoga Retreat Ibiza Pfingsten Mai May Women's Circle Shamanic Dancing


There are 4 double rooms with single beds, and a Tipi Tent where 4 woman can sleep comfortable on normal mattresses and blankets.

Yoga Retreat Ibiza Pfingsten Mai May Women's Circle Shamanic Dancing fun beach Yoga Retreat Ibiza Pfingsten Mai May Women's Circle Shamanic Dancing beach detox tipi zelt


We will be max. 12 attending Sisters, the cook, an assistant, Lene and Paya.


Vegan/Vegetarian, healthy delicious fresh made by our private chef cook. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, including on the arrival and leaving day. One time we will eat out in a restaurant which is not included.

Ibiza Yoga Retreat Shamanic Women's Circle fun Meditation Vegan Healthy Food Tanzen


EUR 1250 – in a double room (2 spaces available)

EUR 850 – We offer 4 TIPI places for students & unemployed (1 available)

We offer 3 EARLY BIRD places until 15 april: 10% or EUR 125 reduction.

Tipi & early bird discount cannot be combined.


Included: 3 healthy meals a day, 3 hours of meditation & yoga a day, 3,5 hours of transformational sessions a day, all material used during the retreat (including 1 yoni egg that you can take home)

Not included: Flights, Car Rental (EUR 50-70 including insurance & fuel), 1 Dinner in a Restaurant (EUR 20)

Ibiza Prana Yoga Zuerich Paya Patricia Wittwer Beach


Check skyscanner.com or orbitz.com. Prices on 14.03.2018:

BELGIUM: direct flight from Zaventem with TUI Fly 20 mai 16:50-21:00 & 27 mai 21:30-0:10 : EUR 320
Direct flight from Charleroi with Ryanair 19 mai 9:35-12:00 & 28 mai 10:35-12:50 : EUR 220

ZÜRICH: direct flight with Swiss Airlines 20 mai 17:50-19:55 & 27 mai 20:45-22:50: EUR 570 or
direkt flight with Germania 20 mai 6:00-8:10 & 27 mai 8:55-10:55 EUR 370



Check in – Sunday, May 20th 14:00 (optional meditation/yoga at 17:00 and we have dinner together at 19:30)

Check out – Sunday, May 27th 14:00 (optional meditation/yoga, calmly pack, say goodbye & enjoy lunch together at 13:00) 



We need cars to go from the airport to our finca and move around the island. We will rent 3-4 cars and all share the price. After booking the retreat, we’ll send you intake questions, including your flight times and if you have a driver license or not. We will organize who will rent a car together, so you can drive as soon as possible from the airport to our finca (40 minutes drive). We estimate a price of EUR 50-70 a person to rent a car whole week long, insurance and fuel included.  www.doyouspain.com



Please send an email to patricia@prana-yoga-zuerich.ch (Swiss particpants) or 5elementsdancejourney@gmail.com (Belgian participants)

Please join, if you feel the call to bring more awareness into your life, slow down, let go of things that don’t serve you anymore, wake up forgotten aspects of yourself, get clear about your path and recharge energy, pleasure and happiness!

Shalom – Namasté

Patricia-Paya Wittwer & Lene Van Steenwinkel


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Ibiza Prana Yoga Zuerich Paya Patricia Wittwer Meditation Sunset
Ibiza Prana Yoga Zuerich Paya Patricia Wittwer Sunset Meditation 3
 Ibiza Prana Yoga Zuerich Paya Patricia Wittwer Beach Yoga
 Ibiza Prana Yoga Zuerich Paya Patricia Wittwer Sunset Meditation 2